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The climate around Gouveia is a Mediterranean climate, with warm summers and sometimes cold winters. In the mountains there can sometimes be a lot of snow and therefore skiing can be done, but it is an exception when snow falls in Gouveia.

Because there is so much to see and experience in the area, we only give a few recommendations here:

Gouveia: A few kilometers away from São Paio, has remained fairly authentic with the beautiful church right in the center. Supermarkets such as Intermarché and Lidl are also present here; fortunately there are also many local shops and there is a wide choice of artisan products. There are cozy terraces and good affordable restaurants.



The church of Gouveia by night.

Folgosinho: A special place, with a delicious gastronomy and a medieval castle. Reachable in approx. 20 minutes from Gouveia, approx. 12 km.

Sabugeiro: This highest village in Portugal offers a wide variety of local products such as the famous “Queijo da Serra” (mountain cheese = soft sheep cheese), presunto (delicious smoked ham), dôce de abóbera (a kind of pumpkin jam ), many kinds of liqueur and a large amount of coats, typical cardigans and sweaters, coats, sheepskin slippers, hats, hats, etc. Can be reached from Gouveia within half an hour, approx. 19 km.

Vale do Rossim: A beautiful mountain lake on a high plateau, with lovely beaches at an altitude of 1437 meters, a blessing during the high temperatures in summer. From Gouveia it is a beautiful drive into the Serra da Estrela, about 20 km. and a half hour drive. It is the highest beach in Portugal!